How To Choose Your Thermal Comfort Simulation Parameters

Thermal Comfort

When thinking about thermal comfort, you want to consider the intended use of the space(s).

Two people drinking coffee in an outdoor cafe

How are occupants going to use the space?

Will they be walking?

Will they be dining?

Will they be playing a sport?

Select the Activity that best describes your intended usage.

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Man dressed in business suit, drinking coffee in an outdoor cafe

How are occupants dressed when they are doing this activity?

If they are walking, will they be wearing a coat?

If they are dining, is it formal or casual?

If they are playing a sport, what does a typical uniform look like?

Select a Clothing Profile that best aligns with your expected activity and climate.

Note: the Clothing Profiles are seasonally adjusted.

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Restaurant dining table and view of business building on terrace at twilight evening time

What time of day do you expect people to engage in this activity?

Will occupants be sipping a cup of coffee in the morning?

Or maybe they will be enjoying happy hour after work?

Or perhaps they’ll be eating dinner in the early evening?

Select your three most important Time Slices for the occupants. We recommend a minimum of three hours and max of six.

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Two people warming their hands on an outside patio during the late fall

What time of the year are you looking to learn more about and why?

  • Do you want to extend the seasonal usage of the space?
  • Are you concerned about the extreme hot/cold of the space?

Select your two Seasons based on your desired analysis. We recommend a minimum of three months and max of six.