Time Slicing Considerations

A breakdown of the Time Slicing Considerations

For Time Slices, you’ll want to consider what time of day and season(s) are the most important to the function of your space. Below are some different example of considerations: 

Extremes: Extremes of the year and day provide an indication of the best and worse case scenarios for your site; we set this up as a 4-month summer and a 3-month winter with 3-hour bins focused on morning, midday and afternoon. This would highlight the hottest and coldest times of day and year.

Shoulder Seasons: Some users are interested in the shoulder seasons in order to maximize the outdoor dining potential of the site. We set this up for Spring and Fall in 3-month intervals with 3- hour bins for midday, afternoon, and evening.

Averages: In some cases, customers are interested in achieving full coverage of most of the day and year by looking at the average conditions. For this, we choose 6-month seasons (Summer and Winter) and 6-hour time bins more morning, midday, and evening.