Activity Types

A breakdown of the various Activity Types.

The activity that a person is expected to be doing in a given space has an important impact on how comfortable they will feel under different conditions.  The more vigorous the activity, the more heat their bodies will generate which in turn will impact their perception of thermal comfort.  In order to complete the analysis, we need to understand the expected activity level.

Choose the activity that closest matches the intended use of your space.

Cheerful male friends eating lunch together on sunny day


Although dining is done sitting down, it is usually more animated than passively sitting. The dining activity takes this into account.

Metabolic Rate: 70

Family leisurely walking down the sidewalk

Leisurely Walking

Leisurely Walking would be expected to occur for occupants of a space who may be window shopping, wandering around a park or open piazza.

Metabolic Rate: 87

Professionals walking down a busy sidewalk

Business Walking

This represents a vigorous pace of walking where people are quickly trying to get from point A to point B. The walking pace would be rough 4km/hr (2.5mph).

Metabolic Rate: 135

Friends playing a casual game of soccer

Social/Light Sport

This activity represents Social and Light Sports such as frisbee, lawn bowling, tai chi and casual team sports.

Metabolic Rate: 165

Spectators watching a sport in the stadium


Although Spectating is associated with sitting, it is an activity that can also involve standing, cheering and other movements.

Metabolic Rate: 87