Understanding Bundles, Subscriptions and Credits

Orbital Stack manages usage via a credit (or token) system. There are two types of credits: AI Credits and CFD Credits. AI simulations use one AI-Credit per wind direction (e.g. 8 credits for a typical 8 wind direction simulation). CFD simulations use 7 CFD-Credits for a Wind Only Analysis and 10-14 CFD-Credits for a full analysis which includes wind, solar and thermal comfort (2-4 Seasons).

Please refer to our pricing page for a complete list of Bundles, Subscriptions and Pay-Per-Use options.


Bundles can be purchased at any time, and are ideal for testing new design ideas, supporting project competitions, and for larger projects with multiple design iterations and stages. Custom bundles can be made available upon request.


Subscription plans refill every month until the plan has expired. The “Monthly” column shows the list of active subscriptions you currently have, as well as the usage to date during the month, and the day of the month when credits are refilled (monthly roll over).

For full pricing details for bundles and subscriptions please visit https://orbitalstack.com/pricing/.


Pay-Per-Use credits are available for one-off simulations or in addition to our bundles and subscription packages.

Note: To purchase or modify a bundle or subscription plan, or to enable Pay-Per-Use billing, please contact us at sales@orbitalstack.com