San Francisco Pedestrian Wind Criteria

The San Francisco Wind Comfort Criteria is a standard used in the San Francisco Planning Code to assess wind impacts on pedestrian safety and comfort. In general, strong winds result in decreased pedestrian comfort – especially for more passive activities such as sitting – and may even pose a safety risk. 

The San Francisco Criteria determines the wind speed threshold for the Safety Criterion based on a true hourly average wind speed. 

Wind speed thresholds for its Comfort Criteria, however, are based on an equivalent wind speed, given by the following equation:

The wind speed threshold for the safety criterion, however, is based on a true hourly average wind speed. 

Per the Planning Code, equivalent wind speeds for the comfort criteria may not exceed the specified threshold more than 10% of the time (between 07:00 and 18:00). True average wind speeds for the safety criterion may not reach or exceed the threshold more than 0.01% of the time (just 1 hour per year). These criteria are described in the table below:

Location Description Equivalent Wind Speed (mph) Equivalent Wind Speed (kph) Equivalent Wind Speed (m/s)
Public Seating Areas Calm or light winds acceptable for activities where pedestrians will be seated (e.g., reading, outdoor dining) ≤ 7 ≤ 11 ≤ 3
Heavy Pedestrian Use Areas Modest winds acceptable for active pedestrian activities (e.g., window-shopping, walking, cycling) ≤ 11 ≤ 18 ≤ 5
Safety Criterion Description Average Wind Speed (mph) Average Wind Speed (kph) Average Wind Speed (m/s)
Hazardous to Pedestrians Very strong winds which severely impact pedestrian comfort and safety. Mitigation is usually required. ≥ 36 ≥ 42 ≥ 11.5

Analysis Criteria – Supplemental Information

  • Hours of the Day (Comfort): 07:00 – 18:00
  • Hours of the Day (Safety): All
  • Seasons: All
  • Allowed Exceedance (Comfort): 10%
  • Allowed Exceedance (Safety): 0.01%

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